Effective Leaders are Consistent

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When discussing how to be an effective leader, it’s not uncommon to use buzz words like trust and authenticity. Yet, what does it truly mean to be a leader who, day in and day out, cultivates relationships that are actually trusting and authentic?

When I reflect on the leaders who I have worked with, where the relationship is genuine and has a strong foundation built on trust, the common denominator is that the leader is consistent in their behavior and in turn, so am I.

These leaders set themselves apart because they acknowledge that being a leader is hard. They handle the pressure of leadership by being consistently thoughtful, agile, and quick on their feet, while having an awareness of their emotional wake. In strenuous situations their employees don't "walk on egg shells" or wonder what outburst might happen next.

They also make time for their employees. Schedules are busy, we know! However, there is tremendous value in being consistent in how often you communicate with those that report to you. In our coaching module, we explore the idea of meeting regularly with those you lead. This is a time for your employee to talk, start the meeting by asking them: What is the most important thing we should be discussing today?

Being aware of your emotional wake, asking questions, checking in often – these are all areas, as a leader you can be consistent, and in turn build stronger relationships.

As a leader, where are you consistent?

This blog was originally published on the Fierce Blog and was written by Jaime Navarro.

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