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Effective Teamwork Starts with Understanding Your Team's Brain


How important is it for a team to have an understanding of each other as individuals? I ask this question because I hear a lot of conversations about how to create effective teamwork environments and I wonder if being effective starts with a basic understanding of the people who surround you?

Recently, at Fierce, we took part in an assessment offered by Herrmann International. Their assessment tool is The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® and it “profiles learning and thinking preferences through the framework of the Whole Brain® Model”. After our team took the assessment, we met with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, founder and CEO of Herrmann International, and debriefed with her about our results. The findings were amazing!

What was so incredible about the experience, to me, was that it allowed you to see yourself and your team through a new context. The science of the assessment covers a wide range of how your brain reacts to certain situations. It shows you things like, where does your brain go when you are under stress? Impressively, it even takes it a step farther and shows how the team’s collective “brain” reacts under stress.

Understanding a person’s context is akin to understanding their humanity, what makes that person them.  We are now able to have ground truth conversations about effective ways to work with one another by understanding how each one of us processes information. By developing the emotional intelligence of our team.

How well do you know your team?


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