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Employee Appreciation Day: 4 Tips to Make a Sincere Impact

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Forbes and shares four simple tips to make sure this year’s Employee Appreciation Day celebration has a genuine impact.

Humans are hardwired to crave appreciation. Year after year, appreciation is identified as one of the top motivators for employees to go above and beyond. Whether big or small, celebrating achievements feels good and acknowledging these wins can be the difference between employees delivering something that meets expectations or exceeds them.

Appreciation leads to engagement, which results in higher performance. Employees are yearning for this more than pay raises and title changes. That says a lot.

The good thing is, it is not too late to show the love! Start this year at your Employee Appreciation Day. Per Forbes Contributors David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom, a few things to help the celebration turn into an impactful event are:

1. Communicate. A lot of times, catered lunches, breakfasts, or the occasional work happy hour are chalked up as something that the company just does. During these little celebrations, it is important to communicate to employees the reason for the celebration – them. It is a great opportunity to publicly praise a top performer, or give team acknowledgements. Deliver a meaningful message during these little celebrations and let your employees know why they are appreciated.

2. Start something new. One of the reasons that Employee Appreciation Day is overlooked is because it is only one day out of the year. The biggest and most thoughtful celebration can be forgotten if it is repeated only once a year. Use this year’s celebration to start fresh and create more opportunities moving forward in 2017 for mini celebrations to recognize your employees’ efforts.

Read the other two tips and the entire article here.


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