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Engaging (and Retaining) Young Teachers

BLOG-HeadHeartApproachtoTeacherRetention_small Engaging (and Retaining) Young Teachers - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

Fierce contributes to the Learning Forward blog hosted by Education Week. Jaime Navarro wrote our newest piece which was published today, and we wanted to share a portion of the blog with you.

Keeping teachers in the profession is an issue that has no one right answer. Most new teachers will leave the profession within five years, with the number being higher in urban and poor school districts. Nobody argues that the constant turnover hurts our education system.

The development of any employee from raw talent and passion to an experienced professional is not a simple path. It takes time, money, and commitment.

The District of Columbia, is trying to tackle the issue by enacting an advanced merit-centered compensation method based on the IMPACT Plus evaluation system. While merit-based bonuses is one strategy to increase job satisfaction and reward hard work, if the goal truly is good teachers staying in the field, this method only tackles half of what makes humans tick.

In the Fierce Coaching model, we discuss the research of Princeton psychologist and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kanehman, whose research on decision making found that as human beings we react emotionally first and rationally second.

While pay increases reach the rational parts of our brain, they do not reach the emotional side. If the emotional part of increasing job satisfaction is ignored, money will not be enough to keep most good teachers teaching.

To read Jaime’s full blog post on Education Week, click here.


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