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Everything Is Possible with Momentum Thinking

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Huffington Post and explains the benefits of “momentum thinking” and how this approach can open doors in all facets of your life.

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about the benefits and conversely the harm that positive thinking can bring while at work. Although phycologists and executive coaches can argue both sides of the debate, a new approach is gaining traction.

That approach is momentum thinking. 

Momentum thinking focuses on possibilities rather than expectations. Humans are inherently limiting their potential in work and life when they set expectations. When you set expectations for how your business will perform this year or your life will eventually turn out – you are limiting your potential by pre-determining the outcome.

“There’s no way to be open to all possibilities if you don’t trust in what you can’t control.”

Jeffrey Shaw believes that a certain amount of trust into the “unknown” is needed to achieve your full potential in business and in life. Momentum thinking relies heavily on trusting this unknown – something that cannot truly be controlled. By letting go of pre-determined expectations, there is space to achieve anything you can imagine.

Shaw delivers three steps that can help you move out of the expectations and into what is possible.

Read the article.

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