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Fierce 6 Challenge Wrap Up!

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The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand in times of challenge and controversy.
- Martin Luther King

I’ve always loved this quote. It reminds me that while sometimes it’s easy to stay in the comfortable valleys that life can offer you, as Dr. King says, the ultimate measure of a person is how one scales those larger hills.

Every day we face challenges, and the willingness to tackle one more challenge is honorable. For the past six weeks, we’ve invited you to join us in the Fierce 6 Challenge. For each week, you examined one part of the way you communicated with others. At Fierce, we took the challenges with you and blogged about both our successes and failures.

How did you measure?

Here is a recap of the Fierce 6 Challenges:

1.    Spread JOY through conversation.
When you feel gratitude and appreciation for others, let them know.

2.    Interrogate REALITY.
Resist the urge to automatically accept what you see at face value. Test assumptions by seeking out differing perspectives and asking questions.

Words that are “loaded” overshadow true intent. Find the right words to accurately name and describe what you want to say without laying blame.

4.    Seek to UNDERSTAND.
Avoid jumping in with advice before an issue has been clarified. Instead, get curious to learn more.

5.    Be PRESENT.
Choose to have conversations in person or on the phone rather than via email or text. Build relationships and avoid misunderstandings by connecting in the moment.

6.    Embrace the power of SILENCE.
Invite more pauses into your conversations. Silence provides space for creative thinking, reflection and the formulation of thoughtful responses.

Every challenge had the hope of further stretching your boundaries. They were intended to encourage taking a closer look at how you were communicating with those around you.

We’ve asked everyone who participated in the challenges to take a quick survey, and it’s been great to hear the feedback.

Here are some highlights from the responses so far:

    • 72.6% of you joined the Fierce Challenge because you were curious! This is very exciting, and I applaud you for staying open to challenging yourselves.


    • Week 6: Embrace the power of SILENCE was the hardest week for a lot of you. I had the pleasure of blogging that week, and I have to agree, it was my toughest challenge as well.


    • 85.5% of you said you would join Fierce again in taking another challenge, and that is music to our ears! At Fierce, we  felt connected to a large group of people with this challenge, and we will be exploring how we can incorporate this feedback in what we do.

Thank you to everyone who participated, commented, and engaged with us.

We'd love to know: when looking to the rest of 2012, how will you incorporate these challenges?

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