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Fierce Performance Management: Tips & Tools to Unlock Potential

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A workplace revolution has begun. The old school performance review processes with ratings and rankings are out the door. And they are being replaced with fresh and agile approaches that make the people the most important factor in the process – not the numbers. Is your workplace  part of this movement?

We just wrapped up the inaugural Human Capital Institute (HCI) Performance Management Innovation Conference in New York yesterday. There were robust conversations about leadership development, growth plans, separating compensation from the performance review process, and many other thought provoking topics.

Earlier this year, our 2016 predictions included the continual revamp of the performance management review. As we partner with our clients, I am continually impressed with how organizations are shifting their processes to be more and more human-centered. While Fierce does not create the technologies or systems for all of the performance process, we focus specifically on the conversation skills necessary to drive top performance. Top performance conversation skill sets are accountability, coaching, delegation, feedback, and confrontation.

For the conference, we launched a new e-book, Fierce Performance Management: Tips & Tools to Unlock Potential. I collaborated with my colleague, Kim Bohr, our EVP of Operations, to explore and highlight a section of the Fierce lens. In this e-book, we focus specifically on two of the skill sets as performance management tools: accountability and delegation. There are tips and tools included as well as a white paper.

Also, if you are interested in digging more into our philosophy and tools with performance management, register for one of our upcoming webinars.

So I must ask our readers, what do you think about your current performance management process?

What skills do you think your colleagues and leaders need when driving high performance?


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