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How I Did It LIVE Featuring Laura Alber, CEO of Williams-Sonoma

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published on Harvard Business Review and describes how Williams-Sonoma learned to blend art with science to successfully introduce new brands and products.

In the How I Did It LIVE video, Laura Alber describes her journey from a Pottery Barn Senior Buyer to President and CEO of Williams-Sonoma. She credits a combination of gut intuition and big data analysis as the main driver in helping to grow the business into a $4.4 Billion home goods empire.

What is your gut telling you? Do you trust it?

“If Williams-Sonoma has a ‘secret sauce,’ it is these teams working together in remarkable alignment to develop and execute our strategic and tactical priorities. In my 19 years at the company and four years as CEO, I’ve found that the very best solutions arise from a willingness to blend art with science, ideas with data, and instinct.”

Watch the full interview.

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