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Fierce Summit 2017: Day 1 Highlights

Day 1 - Fierce Summit Recap
The Fierce Summit has finally arrived!

This one-of-a-kind leadership and learning event has been anticipated throughout the year by both the Fierce community and those who are new to Fierce. The event is taking place in the wake of much time, commitment, and TLC on behalf of the Fierce team, our clients, attendees, and speakers.

After our special facilitator day on Tuesday the 12th, this was our first day of the official two-day event hosted at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle.

Our speakers were carefully chosen for their messages--messages that are both inspiring and on the cutting edge of leadership. These powerful messages resonated with their audience today in a way that I believe will leave a lasting impact. Here are some notable speaker highlights from day one:

Juliet Funt: Activity is Not Productivity: Raising Execution Through Reclaiming WhiteSpace

After Susan Scott’s warm and insightful introduction, Juliet Funt, founder of WhiteSpace at Work, was the first guest speaker to present. She opened her presentation with humor and a personal story about how she came about WhiteSpace through an “aha” moment she had when her son wouldn’t stop talking. She discussed how we’ve come to fear pausing in our daily lives, both in conversation and in the midst of our activities. She also touched on the "tyranny of the urgent," which is made up of 100% exertion and 0% thoughtfulness, stating that we claim to be “too busy to become less busy.” She clarifies that work can look a lot of different ways, and WhiteSpace consists of taking a “strategic pause” to allow creativity and fresh ideas to enter our minds. When we are overloaded, she says we need to “de-crappify” our workflow. She touched on the 4 Thieves of Productivity: 1. Drive, 2. Excellence, 3. Information, 4. Activity. Juliet explained that while these are all positive attributes, overdoing them can be detrimental to ourselves and our organizations.

Read more about WhiteSpace, the thieves, and how you can combat them here.

Juliet Funt - WhiteSpace At Work
Dan Perryman: When Social Science Gets Fierce

Next up was Dan Perryman, Birkman VP of Training. Before the first day of the Summit, our attendees were prompted to take the Birkman Method Personality Assessment so everyone could use their results to follow along with Dan’s presentation. He detailed the “Birkman map,” a color-coded chart that plots where you are on the extrovert/introvert scale (vertical) and the people/task scale (horizontal). The map also addresses where your interests, usual behaviors, needs, and stress behaviors lie in relation to these scales. Dan tied our usual behaviors, interests, and needs into Fierce Conversations by mentioning which colors excel at certain conversations—for example, reds tend to excel at confrontation, blues tend to excel at coaching, yellows tend to excel at delegation, and greens tend to excel at beach ball conversations. One thing Dan mentioned that in my mind helps differentiate the Birkman assessment from other assessments is that the results are not intended to box you in—in fact, we are all made up of some percentage of all of these colors, much like a kaleidoscope. The results encompass so much information that can help us understand ourselves, each other, and how we can make the most of our conversations at work and in life.

Find out more about the Birkman Method Personality Assessment here.

Dan Perryman - Birkman Method Personality Assessment
Lisa Reynolds & Greg Fratantoni: Honest, Meaningful Coaching Conversations Set the Stage for Performance Transformation

Our wonderful clients Lisa Reynolds, VP of Talent Management, and Greg Fratantoni, Director of Workforce Planning and Performance Management with CHRISTUS Health spoke about their relationship with Fierce and how they used Fierce programs to shift company culture. CHRISTUS Health was recognized by The International Coach Federation (ICF) as an organization with an effective coaching culture. How did they get there? What does it take to pivot from “nice” conversations to robust performance conversations? They spoke about embedding coaching skills into leadership development and how that capacity made the journey to transform performance management an easier task.

To learn more about their success, check out the Fierce + CHRISTUS Health case study here.

Lisa R. & Greg F. - Coaching Conversations
Trina Hamilton: Creating a Fierce Movement Through Leadership Development

In this session, Trina Hamilton, Head of Leadership Development and developer of the Leaders Who Inspire (LWI) program at Coast Capital Savings has integrated Fierce Conversations into LWI, creating common language and “ways of being” that enable leaders to build trust quickly, align themselves effectively, and drive to creative outcomes that resolve issues and drive organizational results. Trina provided valuable and actionable details on how you can create a framework that will enable you to leverage Fierce Conversations and build your own signature leadership program, regardless of your organization’s size, type, or industry.

Read more about our partnership with Coast Capital in our case study here.

Trina Hamilton - Coast Capital
Seattle Special Guest: Debra Music

We were excited to welcome Debra Music, CMO of Theo Chocolates, to the Fierce Summit. Seattle is a city full of booming businesses and successful organizations, and Debra is a success story who turned her dreams into reality. She shared details of how she created an organization that betters the world, one chocolate bar at a time.

Take a chocolate tour here.

Debra Music - Theo Chocolate
Day one has come to an end. Can’t wait for more learning and insights on day two!


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