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Fierce Summit 2017: Day 2 Highlights

Fierce Summit 2017: Day 2 Highlights
Day two of the fabulous Fierce Summit has come to an end, and today’s sessions came with powerful takeaways.

Starting from earliest to latest…

Regent Cornell: How to Build a Culture

Ultimate Software’s tagline “People First” wasn’t drummed up by the marketing team to win awards or sell more widgets. It’s the way things are done at this fast-growing cloud computing company that landed it a top spot on Fortune’s 2016 List of the “100 Best Companies to Work For.” With a personal story that was both humorous and insightful, Regent Cornell revealed the five distinguishing characteristics of ‘Best Companies’ and demonstrated the bottom-line impact of putting People First: 1. Gratitude, 2. Respect, 3. Engagement, 4. Authenticity, and 5. Trust.

Learn more about how Ultimate Software made the list here.

Regent Cornell - How To Build Culture
Susan Scott: Become a Great Conversationalist

In this intimate session, Fierce founder and CEO Susan Scott made the connection between conversations and leadership, and why conversations matter to your individual and collective success. Susan also shared some of her secrets with us:

The secret to success: Be true to thyself.

The secret to failure: Try to please everyone.

Susan Scott - Become A Great Conversationalist
Conversations That Matter: A Global Perspective

Spanning across Australia, Lebanon, and Columbia, this panel consisted of three Fierce individuals who dived deeper into conversations that matter from a global perspective and discussed how they teach clients the strategy of Fierce Conversations. This was an incredibly moving session that that really highlighted the heart and the “why” of facilitation and the positive impact Fierce conversations are having in communities around the world.

Conversations That Matter - A Global Perspective
Seattle Special Guest: Brain Canlis

Our special guest Sean O’Connor, writer and brand strategist, interviewed Brian Canlis, one of Seattle’s most renowned restaurateurs. Brian shared stories behind his family legacy, which was rich with tradition, and how over generations they discovered that the most important story is the story of their customer.

A quote we won’t soon forget: “Courage: it's like skinny dipping. It's super fun but no one wants to go first.” –Brian Canlis

I highly recommend adding Canlis to your dinner plans if you haven’t been. It’s an unforgettable culinary experience with amazing views of Seattle.

Seattle Special Guest - Brian Canlis
Wendy Finlason Seymour: How Randstad Shifted its Culture, One Conversation at a Time

Randstad knew that many important conversations were not occurring, and leaders needed a tool to help them communicate courageously. Starting in 2014, Randstad implemented Fierce Conversations, providing a framework for employees to engage in productive, genuine conversation, truly addressing the minds and hearts of the matter. Wendy Finlason Seymour shared the timing, tools, and strategies they’ve used to shift Randstad’s culture. She discussed the importance of conversation in transforming culture, how to implement a successful strategy and how to make it stick, and provided examples of how to drive lasting cultural change for organizations.

Learn more about Randstad here.

Day 2 - Fierce Summit Chalk Walls
Fierce Generations

Building on the Birkman Assessment from day one, attendees gained more insight into unique perspectives through the lens of generations. In this interactive session, the assumptions we all hold about different generations were challenged. The truth was revealed…we are more alike than different!

Fun fact: The Fierce executive team is made up of four women from all four generations!

Fierce Generations - Fierce Executive Leadership Team
The Fierce executive team closed out the day with a few final words of thanks. From all of us...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We want to give huge thanks to everyone who took part in our unforgettable event: our guest speakers (including Juliet Funt, Dan Perryman, Lisa Reynolds, Greg Fratantoni, Trina Hamilton, Debra Music, Regent Cornell, Brian Canlis, and Wendy Finlason Seymour), our attendees, our clients, the W Hotel and staff, our coordinator Janet Hoppenstein, and our Fierce “Fiercelings” who poured their hearts into making it possible. We want you to know that you’re appreciated, on the deepest level, for all that you do!


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