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Fierceling of the Month: Beth Wagner

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Here at Fierce, we honor a person once a month with the coveted title of Fierceling of the Month. The qualification for a Fierceling is someone who has been nominated by peers for exceptionally exhibiting the fierce values and the 7 principles of our work. There are some great internal perks including choosing your favorite restaurant to catering a company-wide lunch. Each month, I look forward to interviewing these amazing people.

This month, I had the honor to connect with Beth Wagner.

Why did you come to work here?

Fierce has been a huge part of my life since I was first introduced to the curriculum and the company over 8 years ago. Back then, I was working for a global retail organization and I had the chance to get certified as a Fierce facilitator. That experience changed my life. Not only did it test my competence and courage as a learning professional, but the content of Fierce started to come alive for me. I became a champion of all things Fierce. When the opportunity presented itself for me to work internally at Fierce, I jumped at the chance. I feel a strong sense of purpose working for a company who strives to “change the world, one conversation at a time.”

What are some responsibilities of your role?

As a Master Facilitator for Fierce you will often find me in a different city each week, doing what I love; facilitating our Fierce programs. In addition, I conduct Train-the-Trainer sessions, which means I get to pass along to others the life changing experience I had of becoming a Fierce facilitator. Developing others is a passion of mine, and I take pride in certifying Fierce facilitators all over the world.

What’s the coolest thing you are currently working on?

I am incredibly excited to be conducting an upcoming series of four virtual sessions with Malaysia and Hong Kong simultaneously! It’s not every day you get to connect and share the Fierce experience with others who are half a world away…and I get to do it from the comfort of my New England office – pinch me!

When you’re not at Fierce, what are you most likely doing?

While the Fierce office is based in Seattle, WA, my home-base is Maine. I feel truly fortunate to work for such an amazing organization and still be able to maintain my small, quiet existence in New England. When I’m not traveling for work, you will find me outdoors. I love to spend quality time with my husband and our two dogs; our black Lab, Duncan, and our German Short-haired Pointer, Delilah. Maine is a great place to soak in the beauty of all things nature – hiking, biking, skiing, boating…I love it all.

What Fierce Principle are you focusing on this month?

When my life moves too fast (as it does, regularly), I need to remind myself to slow down, and “let silence do the heavy lifting”. This summer has proven to be incredibly fast-paced, busy, and chaotic. So much so, I have fallen into the trap of creating assumptions which has led to far too many knee jerk responses. Instead of living in “reactionary” mode, I am practicing the art of silence and reminding myself of the 4 Fierce Objectives…Interrogate Reality, Provoke Learning, Tackle Tough Challenges, and (my favorite) Enrich Relationships.

What inspires you?

Other people inspire me. The strength, brilliance, courage, and sheer guts that most people have inside of them is incredibly motivating. When I open my eyes long enough to see what others are battling with, and how they are leveraging courage and conversation to get through the good and the bad, I am inspired. There are some pretty amazing people in this world. It’s a daily privilege to work with so many of them.

What else do you want to ask Beth? Tweet @fierce_inc #fiercelingofthemonth to ask any other questions.

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