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Fierceling of the Month: Katy Dozier

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Here at Fierce, we honor a person once a month with the coveted title of Fierceling of the Month. The qualification for a Fierceling is someone who has been nominated by peers for exceptionally exhibiting the fierce values and the 7 principles of our work. There are some great internal perks including choosing your favorite restaurant to catering a company-wide lunch. Each month, I look forward to interviewing these amazing people.

This month, I had the honor to connect with Katy Dozier.

Why did you come to work here?

It seemed like a fun atmosphere to join and grow in.

What are some responsibilities for your role?

Everything from contracts, billing, workshop logistics, printing and inventory management and vendor accounts payable.

What’s the coolest thing you are currently working on?

Getting a new hire up to speed in my department.

What is your favorite thing about working at Fierce?

The people, both internally and externally. They’re fun, creative and incredibly nice.

When you’re not at Fierce, what are you most likely doing?

Reading, reading and more reading. I’m a book worm.

What fierce principle are you working on this month?

Let Silence Do The Heavy Lifting. It’s the one I continuously come back to. I try and fill silence with myself as well as others. Trying to be still and wait is a challenge.

What inspires you?

Challenge, in every aspect. I’m most competitive with myself and encountering any sort of challenge lights me up and gets me going.

What else do you want to ask Katy? Tweet @fierce_inc #fiercelingofthemonth to ask any other questions.

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