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Fierceling of the Month: Matt Dunn

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Here at Fierce, we honor a person once a month with the coveted title of Fierceling of the Month. The qualification for a Fierceling is someone who has been nominated by peers for exceptionally exhibiting the fierce values and the 7 principles of our work. There are some great internal perks including choosing your favorite restaurant to catering a company-wide lunch. Each month, I look forward to interviewing these amazing people.

This month, I had the honor to connect with Matt Dunn.

Why did you come to work here?

I came to Fierce for the opportunity to be a part of a mission that makes a difference in the world and to develop professionally/personally.

What are some responsibilities of your role?

Some responsibilities in my role include:

    • Being a Brand Ambassador


    • Making sure clients’ feedback is being relayed to our marketing and Senior Leadership team


    • Helping clients make the best training choices depending on their budget, time restrictions, and competencies they would like to develop


    • Helping to create reinforcement/sustainability plans to ensure Fierce is being used after workshops


    • Helping our clients achieve the results they want to see

What’s the coolest thing you are currently working on?

I’m fortunate to work with amazing people and organizations. One of the things I love about my position is how each client has their own unique goals and roadmaps for how they would like to build training. I’m grateful to work with such passionate people that strive to develop their team members, so that they can work more effectively together and solve so meaningful opportunities/problems. I feel honored to help clients reach their desired results and being their trusted advisor.

What is your favorite thing about working at Fierce?

This is such a fun working environment. We have a close “Fierce Family” where we do a ton of fun things together. We have monthly happy hours, company outings, and sporting events. It’s often we are also spending time with each other outside of the office. It’s special when you can wake up and look forward to the people you are going to see at work and also rally together to support a common mission.

When you’re not at Fierce, what are you most likely doing?

When I’m not at Fierce I’m most likely spending time playing or watching sports. I like to stay active, and I like competing. Sports are a great medium for me to do that.

What Fierce Principle are you focusing on this month?

The Fierce Principle I am working on this month is “Be Here, Prepared to Be Nowhere Else”. This is essential in working with clients and giving your team members the proper respect.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is knowing the work I am doing is making a difference in the world. In my position as Director of Business Development, I get the privilege of interacting with our clients on a regular basis. I thrive off of their success stories, whether they are gaining confidence to confront an issue, building a stronger relationship with a team member, or even on a deeply personal level, saving a marriage. At Fierce, we develop professional and personal skills that are essential in building strong relationships, and when I hear these success stories it fuels me to spread this mission with others.

What else do you want to ask Matt? Tweet @fierce_inc #fiercelingofthemonth to ask any other questions.

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