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Find Your Voice, Consult With Your Own Organization

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Where exactly do you look when you’ve lost your voice? It’s not like you can find it underneath the couch cushions or behind the filing cabinet. When did your voice disappear?

In a previous life, one where I could comfortably use the words, crappy and job in the same sentence (under my breath or out at a bar with friends), I used to tuck my real voice in my bag on the way into work. It was conveniently buried under my fear and my need to be liked. I substituted it with the pre-programmed, Kool-Aid consuming, yes I’ll get right on that, whatever you say, voice.

Where did you put yours? You know where it is… so go get it!

Here’s your chance! Put a different hat on today. Take a new look at the issues facing your organization. Take yourself out of the middle of it and see it with new eyes. Ask yourself,

“If I were hired to consult with my organization, what would I advise?”


After you answer that question, dig out your voice, brush it off and speak up! Don’t be a jerk about it…just say what you need to say. Stop being part of the silent approval process and share your perspective. I think you will be glad you did.


Too bad the people in the mortgage and banking industry didn’t ask themselves that question, before making no income/no asset verification loans.

(Today, brought to you by the ghastly decisions of yesterday.)

Don’t let that tomorrow happen to you, to your organization.


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