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Great Managers Can Fix Broken Performance Management Systems

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This week’s Friday Resource was originally published by and discusses how high performing managers can fix broken performance management systems.

A Gallup study on The State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders revealed that companies hiring managers based on their talents and fit for the role see “a 48% increase in profitability, a 22% increase in productivity, a 30% increase in employee engagement scores, a 17% increase in customer engagement scores and a 19% decrease in turnover.”

So what are these high performing managers getting right?

They focus on building engagement and employee growth through developing their strengths – not correcting weaknesses. When an employee’s strengths are leveraged, they are more engaged because they are contributing at a higher level. This leads to higher retention rates and happier employees.

Additionally, great managers understand the human element, and how to motivate by building genuine relationships with their direct reports. By understanding their teams’ unique individual talents, they are able to produce the highest results and create the strongest working relationships.

“The experience and skills managers have accumulated are important, but their innate talents -- the naturally recurring patterns in the way they think, feel and behave -- more accurately predict performance.”

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