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Getting Outside the Box: The 5 Behaviors of Successful Leaders

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This week’s Fierce Resource comes from and was written by Laura Stack.

Getting Outside the Box: The 5 Behaviors of Successful Leaders shares tips on how you can continue to expand your perspective and push the boundaries you may have created without realizing it. Often we come to a point when we know something needs to give, yet we fear the change that lies ahead. Instead of resorting to what is comfortable, take the time to learn what else is out there. Do your research, ask experts, and talk to those around you to expand your learning. You may be surprised at what you find. How will you find your way outside of the box?

“Although overuse has run it into the ground, the lesson remains valid: don’t let your preconceptions, habits, lack of information, and narrow-mindedness keep you from considering all possible aspects of a problem. Get outside your own mental constraints and consider all the information at your disposal, allowing yourself to see beyond your normal, limited horizon.”


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