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I'm sitting in my hotel in Beijing after attending a client appreciation day for our new authorized provider in Greater China. It continues to amaze me, how if you dig just a little past our differences, we are so similar.

While here in China, I’ve met many wonderful people and chatted about things like the US Occupy Wall Street movement, the lottery scandal in Connecticut, the financial market swings in Asia, the Euro, and inflation in China. All while sharing pictures of children of course!

Miles away from where I call home, It was like I was talking with my neighbor over the back fence.

Our worlds are so interconnected. Information can travel so quickly and be accessed so easily that time and space no longer dictate what is relevant to each of us anymore.

From my hotel room in Beijing, I went from the wonderful experience of learning more about China, to virtually checking in with our prospective partners in Egypt.

Without missing a beat, my mind swiftly changed to recent struggles, a hope for peace and the outcomes for their current election.

I'm looking forward to reconnecting soon with our partner in South Africa. And I love the continuing dialog with our partners in Colombia, Poland, the UK, Canada, Australia, Lebanon and the US.

We share so many common dreams, missions...visions. And central to this is our desire to change the world, one conversation at a time. It is extremely rewarding to be part of an organization that is touching the world in such an important way.

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