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Good Managers Look Beyond Their Usual Suspects

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This week’s Fierce Resource comes from and was written by Ron Ashkenas. 

Good Managers Look Beyond Their “Usual Suspects” challenges leaders and managers to redirect the conversations most commonly had with the “usual suspects” or the people they turn to most and to instead, approach a different individual who may have new insights to share.

This week the marketing team at Fierce came together to discuss Tribes by Seth Godin. One of the big takeaways for our team, regardless of where you sit in the organization, is that you can lead. You may not be leading as the CEO, and you can lead projects that impact the organization in big ways. How will you look beyond the usual suspects? What tools do you have in your toolbox to establish yourself as a leader?

Take a step back and think about how to expand your talent pool to get the actual results you want. Do a quick mapping of your committees, task forces, and other special assignment groups, to see if you have a “usual suspect” bottleneck. Although individual executives may engage in this dynamic intentionally (like Captain Renault), most do not; it just happens. By sketching out these responsibilities, and looking at them holistically, it’s possible to see whether the same names come up again and again.”


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