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Honesty is the Secret to Success

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This week's Fierce Resource was first published yesterday on the CX Journey blog and was written by Erin Osterhaus. In Erin's piece, Honesty is the Secret to Success, she highlights [former] Fierce President and CEO, Halley Bock, whose article, Why Honesty is the Secret Ingredient of Successful Organizations, was published last month on the Software Advice blog.

"The success of an organization is closely related to an honest company culture. And here’s the proof: A 2010 Corporate Executive Board study found that companies encouraging open and honest feedback among its employees experienced superior shareholder returns over a ten year period, outperforming others by 270 percent...Impressive numbers, but do they hold up? To find out, Fierce, Inc., a leadership consulting firm, conducted its own research. The firm surveyed over 1,400 executives and employees, finding that the vast majority - 99 percent - preferred a workplace where staff members were able to discuss issues truthfully."

To read Erin Osterhaus's full article on the CX Journey blog, click here.

To read Halley Bock's article on the New Talent Times blog, click here.


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