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How Google and Others Help Employees Burn Off Stress in Unique Ways

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published on Fast Company and explores how leading companies combat workplace stress.

Countless studies show that stress not only affects our mood and general outlook on life, it can also adversely affect our health. According to the Behavioral Science and Policy Association, overwhelming work-related demands up the odds of having an illness by 35% and long work hours have shown to increase mortality by nearly 20%.

No one wants to live their life in a constant state of unhappiness. Yet, when we search for ways to eliminate our stress, we are typically offered the useless advice we have heard time and time again. “Focus on the positive.” “Eliminate the stress in your life."

Let’s be honest, these options are either impossible or are completely intangible. In How Google and Others Help Employees Burn Off Stress in Unique Ways, companies are adopting unconventional approaches to help employees better manage their stress.

Are you working to remove stress from you team or are you adding to it?

“While venting about the boss or job has long been reserved for hushed cubicle whispers or happy-hour rants outside the office, Appster, which has around 380 employees across offices in the U.S., Australia, and India, put in place what McDonald refers to as a "weekly vent report," an online board where employees can post complaints and concerns anonymously and publicly.”

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