How the Best Companies Do Diversity Right

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by and explains how the best companies are getting diversity and inclusion done the right way.

The benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workforce are no longer a mystery. It can increase revenue, it breeds innovation and encourages people to work harder. Yet, so many companies have muted efforts to grow their programs and reach the positive results that are attainable. Or even worse, they invest the bare minimum into diversity and inclusion for fear of criticism if they don't and to improve public perception.

These are not the reasons to invest in diversity and inclusion.

When people feel like they are included, they are more willing to approach leaders with new ideas and strategies, or simply feel comfortable enough to have a candid conversation.

“At a time when our national social fabric has frayed, workplaces that are great for all people can play an important role in mending America.” - Ann Nadeau, Chief People Officer at Great Place to Work

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