How to Ask Questions Like Socrates

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Fierce is excited to announce the new series, Fierce Resources, that will be featured on our blog. We will be sharing an article or blog that we find interesting and think our readers will enjoy!

This week’s featured piece was found on the Smart Brief’s website located in their SmartBlog on Leadership section.

We found it timely since last week, on the Fierce blog, we explored coaching versus advice giving in leadership, and how using questions is core to the Coaching Model.

How To Ask Questions Like Socrates, written by Daniel Dworkin and Holly Newman, focuses on how critical it is for managers to have the skillset necessary to ask poignant questions in order to develop their teams and organizations further.

“In embracing their role as “the great answer provider,” managers are doling out fish, not creating a team of fishermen. As a result, employees learn that having a recommendation is often preferred over exploratory dialogue. As employees advance in their career, they become adept at solving problems. Their ability to apply a question-asking approach, however, wanes”

To read the full article click here!

As a leader, how do you use questions to develop your team?

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