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How to Connect with Your Team as a Leader

How-to-connect-with-your-team-as-a-leader How to Connect with Your Team as a Leader - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

As a leader, it is sometimes difficult to balance how to deeply connect with your team and yet be sensitive to people who might want to keep their professional and personal lives separate.

The first question you should ask yourself is: What kind of conversations am I having with my team? If all the conversations are around business goals and objectives, it’s likely you’re missing the opportunity to build a deep relationship that can enrich everyone involved.   And yet for some people, business performance is at the forefront of their minds and trying to connect with people outside of that context can be a tremendous challenge.

Hope is not lost!  Below are three suggestions you can put to use immediately.

1)      Show up as the authentic you - consistently!  Being real is the first step in connecting.  Letting people see your ups and your downs will show you are human.

2)      Genuinely check in on a daily basis with each individual to understand how they are doing personally and professionally.  This is more than just a ‘how are you today.’  It should really be sincere and unique for each person.  Get curious and ask questions to gain a deeper understanding.

3)      Go to bat for them and let them know you are making sure their voice, strengths, or ideas are heard loud and clear.  And don’t forget to report back to them.

Although these might seem basic, they will make a huge impact and be a strong foundation to building a cohesive, connected team that will want to drive results for themselves… and you.

So tell us – how do you connect as a leader?


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