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How to Creatively Celebrate Your Team's Wins

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Forbes and shares different tactics to creatively celebrate your team’s wins and sustain motivation.

In a business environment that is continuously gaining momentum and moving at a torrent pace, it can be difficult to slow down and celebrate the team victories and milestones.

Much has been written about what truly motivates our changing workforce, and the answer is not a monetary value. A study by Glassdoor found that more than half of employees would stay longer at their company if their bosses showed more appreciation. Although it can be difficult to find time to stop and take notice of the little wins, it could be the difference between one of your all-star performers hunkering down for the long-haul or leaving.

Chris Myers, CEO of BodeTree, believes that intangibles are a huge motivator for retaining his top performing employees. Money will always be a motivator, but the ability to recognize an employee publicly, or empathize with them privately after a brutal month can make all the difference.

Regardless of the reasoning, people need regular and positive reinforcement. So, slow down, and celebrate those big (and small) wins. Who knows, it may just prevent your best employee from burning out.

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