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How to Delegate and Feel Good About It

How to Delegate as a Fierce Leader-Fierce, Inc.

Recently, I went through the Fierce Delegation O2 training, and I was confronted with just how much anxiety I have around delegating. Logically, I know that I have responsibilities on my plate that others would benefit to now own, and yet, I don’t delegate them.


The honest truth- I want to remain in control. I’ve been doing it my own way for a while now, and I know it works.

Does this mentality do anyone- myself, my organization, my colleagues - any good?


While revisiting the delegation training I had an “aha” moment: my control was standing in the way of not just my colleague’s growth…also my own.

The Fierce Delegation training is designed to use delegation as a relationship builder. Delegating effectively is an opportunity to review your workload and make sure your time is being well spent. It is also about switching your perspective away from only delegating menial tasks and, instead, thinking of delegating as a way to  grow the skill set of a colleague or direct report.

Knowing all this, here are three next steps to delegate and feel good about it:

    1. Survey your responsibilities. Really look at what you are currently in charge of, and write those responsibilities down. Keep in the back of your mind the question- should this be on my plate? Sometimes you can only take certain things so far, by looking at your list and seeing what your team members' strengths are, there’s a good chance a process or idea can be greatly improved by delegating it to someone else.


    1. Look ahead to your goals. Do you have big plans for the role you’re in and the impact it can have within the organization? Ask yourself: if I delegate nothing, can I meet those goals? Would that benefit my team? My organization?


    1. Have the conversation! The last step is to engage with those you’re working with and have the conversation. Using a framework like the Delegation Tree model, can help you effectively communicate your expectations and be open for feedback as well.

My plan is to start this today. This is a tough challenge, and I want to keep the momentum of my epiphany moving me forward!

My question to you is: are you currently delegating as effectively as you could be?


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