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How to Make Microlearning Matter

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and explains how to make microlearning matter to your organization.

Microlearning, or “self-directed learning,” is gaining popularity within organizations around the globe. In an increasingly regionalized workforce, the ability to get remote teams together in-person for professional training can be difficult.

In a world where people are constantly consuming information through video and mobile technology, microlearning can enable significant employee growth without significant time investments. An employee can learn about new industry trends on their morning commute or read a new recipe for dinner on their lunch break.

The phrase “just google it” is a common answer to any burning question, and employees can learn on-demand from a plethora of online resources. New online learning platforms like the one founded by Harvard and MIT named edX allows people all over the world to access high-quality education for free or significantly reduced costs.

Per Annie Murphy Paul, SHRM, there are dozens of ways to incorporate microlearning into professional development and training. A common use is for training reinforcement—It is impossible for employees to retain important training information when they are experiencing information overload daily. Additionally, picking simple subjects that employees have previous knowledge on allows them to immerse in the subject easily and expand their current knowledge.

To learn more about why microlearning should matter to your organization, read the full article.


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