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How to Prepare for Workplace Changes Brought on by Millennials and Gen Z

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by The Business Journals and examines how companies can prepare for changes brought on by Millennials in the workplace.

Much has been said about Millennials in the workplace for better or worse. One thing is certain—with a new wave of workers claiming most jobs in the United States, changes are sure to occur. As the older generations of managers begin to retire, Millennials are stepping into leadership roles and filling the void. The biggest question being asked by companies and leaders that are transferring their knowledge to the next generation is, are they prepared?

“According to a recent Randstad global study, one of the top things that millennials feel their educations did not prepare them for is managing other people.”

Although a lack of experience and training may be prevalent, the desire to become leaders and earn the respect of their peers within organizations is of the utmost importance to aspiring Millennial leaders.

Per Kristin Kelley, The Business Journals, a few tactics to help prepare your Millennial staff to take on bigger leadership roles are:

1. Communicate with them often, and in person. Although Millennials can be found glued to their devices, they much prefer communication with their managers to be in-person. Subtle nuances such as body language and tone can make these interactions much more meaningful and the impact of the conversation far greater.

2. Be a role model. In order for the next generation of Millennials to flourish in their leadership roles, they need to have role models who exemplify what it takes to be a great leader.

Read the other tactic and the entire article here.


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