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HR Isn't Meeting Global Business Demands

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This week's Fierce resource was originally published on and was written by Chris Groscurth and Bryant Ott.

Maybe you've heard something like this in the halls of your organization, HR Isn't Meeting Global Business Demands and perhaps you haven't. This article explores what it will take to revolutionize human resource departments and the traditional responsibilities for hr personnel that may need to be a thing of the past. In today's ever-evolving workplace change is taking place in every shape and form so what does that look like for HR?

Think about: What are your business initiatives? What changes can you initiate to restructure your HR team to be a strategic business partner? What is your desired outcome?

"Leaders and executives tasked with solving complex business problems require development, not training. Rethinking training will require HR to educate managers and leaders on how to foster learning and development through key experiences and real-time coaching, teaching and performance management. HR should ensure that all managers in the business have the talent to coach, and then HR's role is to teach the teachers and coach the coaches. This is the value that a true leadership center of expertise provides for a company."

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