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Leadership Tips: Find Your Inner Entrepreneur, Live with the Possible

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Have you recently cracked open Seth Godin’s book, What to Do When It is Your Turn [and it’s always your turn]? It’s one of my favorite coffee table books. And on top of that, when our Fierce marketing team read it, we all had so many takeaways – personally and professionally.

This is one of my favorite segments:

The safest dreams we experience are dreams with no hope of coming true. The dreams of superpowers, omnipotence, of immortality. The teenager who dreams of stardom but never puts in the work isn’t dreaming, he’s hiding.

Superman is a safe bet, because none of us will ever have to become the Man of Steel or fly off a building.

Concrete dreams, on the other hand, are based on effort and a keen sense of what is possible. Concrete dreams juxtapose the what if with the maybe, they expose us to hope and to risk at the very same time.

Living with the possible takes guts.

Are you living with the possible? What dreams do you have with no hopes of coming true? What about the ones you know are attainable?

This week’s tip is to scour your dreams, hopes, and aspirations – find something that is possible this year, and make it happen.

Yes, it is easy to live in the safe place. Dreaming of being someone else. Dreaming of living in a completely different circumstance.

But it is time to move past those and be you. The world is craving you and your possible.

What is it? Do tell.


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