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In the Name of Admiration: 3 Tips to Share

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Think about a person you admire in your life.

How would you describe him or her? Is it someone who cares deeply about others? Someone who says the brave statements? Someone who acts so beautifully authentic? Someone who really listens?

Have you told the person you feel the way you do?

If you haven’t, channel some good advice: Sharing is caring, people.

Here are three tips to share your admiration with someone:

    1. Be ready. Make sure it is a good time for you and the receiver to share your message. Do not rush it, and make sure you are not distracted. This is a time to honor someone else, so your phone and/or computer should not be in between the two of you.

    1. Be specific about what you admire. Let them know the impact they have had on your path or thought processes. The goal here is to be very detailed. Examples are a powerful way to have it hit home. Instead of saying, I admire the awesome work you do; say, I admire how you continually show up in meetings prepared and ready to listen.

    1. Do not have an alternative agenda. This conversation is about sharing your thoughts and appreciation. It should not be followed with any expectations or tasks for the person to do. This is critical in both the workplace and at home.

So, there you go. Now the ball is in your court.


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