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Inspire Your Black Friday Workforce: Lessons From Retailers Who've Done It Right

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This week’s Fierce resource was originally published by Forbes and shares lessons learned from retailers who have trained and inspired Black Friday workers the right way.

In the wake of a contrasting election many retailers are wondering if it will be business as usual, or if consumer spending will be impacted. For shoppers, Cyber Monday is becoming a more attractive option as opposed to long lines and consumer chaos in retail stores.

So how do retailers stay competitive and keep employees motivated to deliver a great consumer experience?

Meghan Biro, Forbes Contributor, provides four leadership tactics that can help to manage employee motivation on Black Friday. Two of them are:

1. Be transparent. The success of a retailer on Black Friday comes down to customer service. Are your employees engaged? If not, chances are your business will suffer. This starts from the top down. For employees to remain engaged amongst the chaos, the managers and organizational leaders need to be engaged themselves.

2. Be Generous. It is important to remember what your employees are sacrificing to be on the front lines during Black Friday. In many cases, they are leaving behind family, friends, and precious memories to work crazy hours in a maddening environment. Recognize this sacrifice and motivate your employees in some way. It does not have to be a financial incentive. Simply recognizing the hard work and giving shout outs to top performers can go a long way in sustaining motivation.

Motivation tactics for Black Friday should not end when doors close. Lessons learned during these trying times can be applied year-round. 

To find out Biro’s other two tactics, read the full article.


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