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The second week’s challenge in our Fierce 6 Challenge is to interrogate reality. The purpose is to test your assumptions and really seek others’ views.

John Lennon once said, “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”

That’s at the heart of this challenge.

I know what I know. You know what you know.

If we don’t take time to interrogate and question each other – we are merely living in a fantasy land. And that land tends to not be where the best decisions are made.

What keeps us from being open and learning other’s perspectives? Well…it’s scary. What if I’m totally off? What if I have to go on a totally different path?

It is important in the long run to do this, though. There lies the challenge.

As the Director of Marketing, I am leading the efforts for our website redesign (stay tuned, everyone!). This week for the challenge, I worked really hard to interrogate reality around this. I met and talked with various team members from all different facets of our company– client development, training, and outreach. I know what I know. However, I need to know what I’m not seeing.

What am I missing? What could be better from where you sit?

When I went into those conversations, I tried my best to not jump in with justifications for why I was thinking of going direction A. There may be a direction B or C or even Q.

We had great conversations, especially because I was less focused on getting my points across and more focused on learning.

For instance, one of my colleagues who works with clients on a day-to-day basis mentioned including a resource for our clients on the website that I had never considered. Some great ideas were born.

When reflecting on how I interrogated reality, I found myself using these three tips the most:

1. Listen more. When I was tempted to share my view, I stopped myself. This required me to consciously not open my mouth multiple times.

2. Ask probing questions. Asking yes or no questions rarely helped. I tried to ask more in-depth, thought-provoking questions.

3. Be thankful. It helped me to be thankful and continue to practice Challenge 1. People don’t have to share their candid opinions about something; it can be scary for them too. I made sure to show appreciation.

So, how did you do? How did you interrogate reality? Do you have any tips or lessons? Let us know! 

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