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Is Chaos Good For Your Organization?


In high emotion situations such as mergers, layoffs, even a massive wave of new hires, the ebb and flow of an organization can get drastically interrupted. The goal is to keep everything running along, but does it always need to go smoothly?

I’m someone who personally enjoys order. I live life through a checklist. Sometimes, however, life seems to throw a wrench in the works and force you to live in chaos. Is this good for us? Do things need to systematically breakdown from time to time to allow us to step back and gain perspective?

When forced into chaos a rare type of clarity can come to light and an opportunity for a new kind of communication can emerge. The linchpin in whether chaos produces positive instead of negative results depends on what type of conversations take place.

In the case of a merger, the chance for two cultures to blend can be viewed as a real headache yet the amazing opportunity for creating something better is sitting just below the surface. The key is to make communication a top priority.

Chaos is destructive when people are left with little information and begin to make assumptions. We all do this, it's human nature. However, we can acquire the communication skills and practice to combat it.

Communication can also be the bridge that brings order and allows your organization to level out. Hopefully if handled well, the new resulting environment is better than what it was before.

So when you find yourself in a situation, whether on an organizational or personal level where chaos is reigning free, take a moment and breathe. Instead of running for the nearest exit to head back over to the order side of things, explore if there’s a chance to learn and communicate more. It may not be comfortable or even enjoyable but it could be incredibly beneficial.

Get curious with chaos. Lean in. It might tell you something order could never explain.


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