Is It Past Time You Engaged in a "Courageous Conversation?"

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Margie Warrell wrote a piece today on titled, "Is It Past Time You Engaged in a "Courageous Conversation?", that explores why it is important to have the conversations that weigh you down and gives ten tips around how to move forward. Below is an excerpt.

If there is something that we genuinely want to say, chances are there is someone who genuinely needs to hear it. But too often we choose the path of safety and give up the possibility of addressing issues that undermine our relationships, limit our productivity, chip away at self-confidence and constrain opportunity. Conversations are powerful.

As Susan Scott, Author of Fierce Conversations once said, “While no one conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of your career or life, any single conversation can.” Like it or not, you build influence and “make your luck” one conversation at a time. The conversations that take the most courage – those in which you speak candidly and listen openly – are those which make the biggest impact.  They are what I call “courageous conversations,” and they create a pathway to building the relationships, influence and outcomes.

To read the rest of the article and Margie's ten keys to speaking up about issues, click here.

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