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Is the Need to be Right, Wrong?

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What does being “right” get you? And to what lengths will you go to achieve it?

More and more it seems we live in a world where being “right” is the most important thing. On the national stage we see politicians who would rather be “right” than work together.

In the news we hear about students stealing SAT tests in order to get the “right” scores for college, rather than really learning the information. Just last week we saw the downfall of Penn State head coach Joe Paterno, who chose to be “right” over doing the right thing.

It seems in our current world facts are subjective. More and more it’s one’s personal context that makes something “right” or “wrong”.

If we apply this way of thinking to our businesses what happens? If the people within companies get swept up in the momentum of justifying their actions for the end goal of being “right”; where does that lead us?

The truth is, being “right”, is subjective. We can justify our contexts to be whatever we need them to be. We discard what proves our context false and highlight what proves our context true. We can do this by surrounding ourselves with people who share the same viewpoints, or in other words, our “right” point of view.

It becomes harder to sustain when we engage in thought provoking ways with those who have differing opinions. This challenges our firmly held beliefs and makes us examine ourselves.

When we become isolated, it’s so much easier to live on our “right” square. Is this isolation moving our organizations and our world in the direction we want it go?

Is this context working for us?

I’ve fallen victim to justifying my context for the sake of being “right”. So this week I’m challenging myself to examine my context. When I feel that burning desire to ignore what doesn’t suit me, I’ll engage even more.

My goal for the week is to not isolate myself from what could possibly make me “wrong”.


Will you join me?


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