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Keynote FAQs: The Value of Booking a Fierce Speaker for Your Next Event

At Fierce, we often receive questions from companies about our keynote speakers and the value they can bring to conferences, annual retreats, team outings, lunch and learns, professional development opportunities and other events, serving both individuals and businesses.

I'd like to dive into some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding keynotes to help you determine if booking a keynote speaker is the right choice for your next event.

1. "Why does Fierce offer keynotes?"

For starters, keynotes serve as great starting points for exposure and consumption of Fierce concepts and content. They include powerful messages that inspire and move audiences to take action and shift their perceptions in 90 minutes or less.

Secondly, they're a lot shorter in duration than any other Fierce product. We find that a lot of organizations need to introduce Fierce concepts and engage their audience in a short amount of time, and booking a keynote speaker is an impactful option for filling that time slot.

Thirdly, keynotes are applicable in a variety of settings to diverse audiences such as membership-based organizations, a corporate workforce, or even at a conference. Keynotes provide continued learning to all individuals in attendance, regardless of the style or nature of event.

Lastly, keynotes can be an excellent way to create Fierce buy-in and assess whether to move forward with a more robust rollout.

2. "What kind of content is usually featured in a keynote?"

We'll discuss your intentions during our "ideal outcomes call" and determine the elements that will resonate most with your audience. Our standard keynote content is what we call 3-4-7 keynotes, which include elements of our Fierce Foundations program: the 3 Transformational Ideas, 4 Objectives, and 7 Principles. Depending on your needs, we customize the content and tie in ideas from our other programs including Feedback, Coach, Delegate, Accountability, and Confront, while keeping with the integrity of Fierce Foundations.

3. "What results can I expect from a Fierce keynote?"

Our main goal is to always ensure that a Fierce keynote is the right fit for you, and that your organization and audience will find true value through exposure to our content. We do this right off the bat by always asking, "What does success look like for you?"

A recent real estate client of ours wanted to focus on Feedback. This organization would deem the keynote a success if their C-suite level members could walk away understanding the value and importance of inviting and asking for feedback from their employees and staff. Through customization, our Fierce Facilitator worked with our client to craft a keynote that embedded pieces of our feedback model into the foundational keynote in a way that was able to make a difference in these attendees' approach to feedback.

Your audience leaves the session with big takeaways, such as finding the confidence to negotiate more effectively, increasing motivation for leadership opportunities, and enhancing perspective for problem solving.

One company, for example, did a keynote kickoff, and many of their executives and leaders were able to make behavioral shifts in the workplace following the session. When the audience grasps the content, it has a big impact. They take the concepts with them and apply them, improving communication within their companies.

4. "Can Fierce deliver a keynote virtually? If so, how does it work?"

The process for evaluating and booking virtual keynotes are exactly the same as in-person keynotes. The only difference in the virtual options is that at the time of the event, it is all done virtually through either the Fierce or your preferred platform.

Virtual keynotes come in handy when the workforce is dispersed and not all in one location, when the client is international, when the cost for an in-person keynote is too much, when travel and hotels are too expensive, or when you want to consume Fierce content in all possible ways.

5. "What is the cost benefit/potential ROI of a keynote speaker?"

Keynotes can offer some great cost benefits and produce return on your investment, and we're focused on ensuring that you get the most value out of your investment with us. We often find that ROI is different for each client. For example, speaker's bureaus experience increased membership renewals and investments as a result.

Attendees may also be inspired to attend a conference the following year, refer friends and colleagues, leave positive reviews, and have higher engagement with the organization offering the event/keynote. It would also increase employee engagement for professional and personal development opportunities, decreasing the chances of turnover if the employee thought it was a beneficial use of their time.

6. "Who at Fierce delivers keynotes?"

Fierce has a diverse and experienced bench of available keynote speakers, including: Susan Scott, CEO & Founder of Fierce, Inc. and best-selling author of Fierce Conversations; Tom Seeberger, Fierce VP of Learning; and experienced Fierce Master Facilitators located around the globe. All of our speakers work with the Fierce content daily, and each have exposure and unique experiences in a virality of industries.

7. "What is the cost of a keynote?"

Our speaker costs vary depending on who will be speaking at your event, and we'll work with your budget and audience to determine the best cost fit.

8. "Can I preview a keynote?"

Our approach is that our proof of concept is the content itself, as well as our 17 years of training individuals and organizations as a profitable, privately-owned training company. Rather than just provide a video, we do a custom walk-through where we share the content and other applicable conversation models during a screen share. A Fierce Facilitator will be included in this walk-through and will be available to answer any additional questions about delivery, facilitation style, relevancy, and more.

9. "How far ahead of time do I need to book a keynote?" 

Planning well in advance is always the best-case scenario, but our team is equipped and ready to meet your needs at a short notice. 

10. "What's happens after the session?"

We offer other opportunities and keynotes that can be used as a second wind for reinforcement or as a "part two" of the group's learning. Keynotes can be used as kick-offs for training, too, prior to the rollout of the actual programs.

Ready to take next steps?

We're confident in the value and change our keynotes offer and we've witnessed the positive impact they can have on businesses, relationships, and lives. We're also skilled at customizing our keynote offerings to meet the unique needs of your event and your audience. If you want to find out more and request a speaker, check out our keynote speaker page here. 


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