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Leaders, Don’t Follow the Oscars - Stop Once a Year Recognition

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Last night was the 88th Annual Academy Awards – an annual tradition to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements. Essentially, it is a once a year recognition program for people in the industry. People get dressed up and wait to hear the results. In some ways, it isn’t much different than what happens in many organizations.

So I ask: Do you have once a year recognition program? Do promotion opportunities come once a year?

Waiting every 12 months for a “main event” announcement is not how recognition should happen. According to a Bersin & Associates study, only 17 percent of employees indicated that their organizations’ cultures strongly support recognition. This lack of effectiveness is largely driven by the misdirected nature of most recognition programs: 87 percent of organizations reported that their programs are designed to recognize service or tenure. These programs do not meet the needs of today’s employees, nearly 70 percent of whom report they are recognized annually or not at all.

We must make recognition less complicated. Let’s not make it about one night where you put on a fancy dress or suit…or the annual performance process.

This week’s tip is to recognize people around you and thank them. In fact, 50% of employees believe being thanked by managers not only improved their relationship but also built trust with their higher-ups, according to the Cicero Group. Showing gratitude is a simple act that has a lot of impact.

How will you recognize people this week?


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