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Leaders, You Must Scan Your Own Integrity

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Many organizations and leaders have integrity as a core value. It is important in order to build trust. 
In many ways, having integrity feels really touchy, feely.

From an organizational standpoint, having a culture with high levels of integrity means that employees feel leadership is trustworthy and ethical.  The Trust Index Employee Survey (TIES) conducted annually by the Great Place to Work Institute measures a company’s level of integrity by asking questions about management.

With this data, the TIES found that the higher measure of integrity, the better performance of the company. Leaders, that does mean that the performance of the indication lies on your shoulders – and ethics.

So I ask: Do you feel your behaviors are in alignment with your personal values and your organization’s? Even if your overarching answer is yes, there most likely are areas that could be improved upon.  We recommend leaders to go through this personal integrity scan a few times a year.

It includes answering:

Integrity outage in my workplace: What must I do to clean it up? When am I going to do this?

Integrity outage in a personal relationship: What must I do to clean it up? When am I going to do this?

Integrity outage in my life: What must I do to clean it up? When am I going to do this?

You must take care of yourself, so you can lead to your best possible capacity. The work of Dr. Brad Shuck, a researcher of engagement, has shown higher levels of engagement from employees who work for a compassionate leader, a leader who is accountable and leads with integrity. His research shows that close to 75% of employees who work for those types of leaders say they are unlikely to leave their current organization in the next five years. That’s huge in this age of constant experience and job seeking.

It can often be hard to find the time to self-assess, however, the cost of not reflecting can be much grimmer.


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