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Leadership Tips: Ask What Else

Leadership Tips: Ask What Else

In our coaching model, we instruct you to ask “what else?” at least 3 times in different parts of the conversation. Each time you ask, you are going deeper into the question. You are exploring – unlocking new territory.

The need to ask “what else?” is everywhere.

For example, think about when someone asks you: How’s it going?

How do you usually respond?

When I ask people this, the initial answer is usually very surface. Examples: Work is busy but good. Family is good. Vacation was good.

This conversation is always different when I ask “what else?” after they give me the first, ceremonial answer. Only after the “what else” does something juicier come out. It is almost like “what else” translates to “no, really, I want to know.”

This week’s tip is to concentrate on where you can ask, “what else?What relationships in your life deserve the extra attention?

It is only two words after all…


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