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Leadership Tips: Be Accountable, Listen to Yourself


This month Fierce is focusing on listening, and that can apply to both listening to others and to yourself. One of the voices we tend to ignore often is actually our own. Perhaps it's because it comes from inside our own head that we immediately dismiss it, and it can prove more valuable than we give it credit.

One of the principles of a Fierce Conversations is to obey your instinct, and the skill involved in doing that is not shutting down the internal conversation that is happening within yourself. Instead, this week be present to your internal dialogue, wrestle around with it, fight with it, praise it, and then, if appropriate, share it.

Why? Because to ignore it would be a disservice. As humans we are gifted with a mind that is both known and mysterious. Our ability to reason, internally rationalize, and yes, talk to ourselves is both a luxury and needed for survival.

So this week hold yourself accountable and listen to you. You might be surprised by what you hear.


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