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Leadership Tips: Be Here, Prepared To Be Nowhere Else

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This week when you engage with others try to focus only on the people in front of you and let go of the distractions around you.

Think about what makes a conversation rewarding. For me, there is nothing quite like an attentive listener.

What Fierce principle can you practice to become more attentive? Be here, prepared to be nowhere else.

People can tell when you really stop listening. When your mind leaves the conversation at hand and begins to run through a to-do list or drifts to a looming deadline, that lack of presence manifests itself physically.

It’s obvious when you do this, and if done repeatedly, it can send the message that you don’t care enough about what others are saying to stop being distracted.

Don’t put yourself or those you communicate with in the position to make these kinds of assumptions. The last thing you want is for others to end a conversation with you wondering: did they really listen or care about what I had to say?

Instead, when you engage in a conversation focus on being present. Then practice staying present by being mindful of when your mind wonders away from the person in front of you.

Those around you will notice!


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