Leadership Tips: Be Open to Change by Having Conversations

Fierce-Tip-of-the-Week-Be-Open-to-Change-by-Having-Conversations Leadership Tips: Be Open to Change by Having Conversations - Fierce, Inc. - Fierce, Inc.

Change is a visceral word. It can mean so many different things to each person. There are piles of books dedicated to helping handle the transitions that life throws your way.

However, when you boil down what we need to do when change occurs - it’s communicate better.

This week’s Fierce tip is to be open to change by engaging in conversations.

What can make change scary is the uncertainty that surrounds it. In order to make sure the transition is a smooth one, you need to bump up the quality of the conversations - not necessarily the amount of them.

When change happens, people tend to focus on the  logistical details that need to be sorted out. Too often, the emotions around the transition are pushed to the side. This doesn’t help anyone. Don’t discount what your needs are in the situation. Be proactive and tackle this tough challenge by speaking up.

This week, whether a minor change or a large shift occurs, look at it as an opportunity to deepen the relationships around you by having thoughtful and clear conversations. Be confident in the change and by knowing your communicating your needs thoroughly.


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