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Leadership Tips: Be Right Gracefully

Leadership Tips: Be Right Gracefully

I had a problem with wanting to flaunt being right in situations. I learned the lesson the hard way: This inclination was not serving me.

Learning to not do the "nanner-nanner told you so" dance every time I accurately predicted something was not easy. However, once I stopped, it allowed me to strengthen all relationships in my life.

It strengthened those relationships because nobody likes a know-it-all. Most importantly, though, I started paying more attention to my response, and it forced me to be a better listener.

Instead of taking the time to pat myself on the back for being right, I take the time to ask questions and learn from others why they feel differently. I really try to listen to their point of view and look at it as a learning opportunity for both of us.

This week I encourage you to join me in my practice to be right gracefully. Should you find yourself in the good fortune of making a right call this week, take the opportunity to not gloat and instead learn more about others' perspectives.


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