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Leadership Tips: Bridge the Generation Gap


Chances are you work closely with someone who is of a different generation than you. Maybe he or she is your boss or your newest hire. Regardless, if they're on your team or you work directly with them, your relationship with said person(s) directly impacts your results.

So how do you think you do at building relationships with people of a different generation than you?

I've always done really well connecting with colleagues who are almost exactly my age or those in the Boomer age range. My values, how I see the world, and what we think is funny or interesting often times seems to be the same. And yet, do I work with people much younger than me or Gen X'ers? Yes.

The reality is that it's important to be self-aware about who you form relationships with more organically and who you need to be more intentional with. It's easy to dismiss an entire generation with broad stereotypes to get out of having to put some work behind building a relationship. And yet, is that going to help you be effective or get the results you want?

What I've come to find out in my own practice of seeking out those who are different than me is, that in fact, I'm a lot more like them than I am dissimilar. Many times it was easier than I originally thought.

So how will you bridge the generation gap this week?


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