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Leadership Tips: Build Trust with Your Team

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Trust is created through persistent identity. Think about the people you trust most in your life. How have they built that trust with you? Most likely, those people have stayed consistent in their conversations and actions with you – they show up similarly time and time again. You know what you are going to get – even if it isn’t all perfect.

Although we would love to have a magic button that we could press, the reality is that trust is a complex issue. Many leaders come to Fierce wanting to rebuild trust in their organization. And although it is complex, trust can be destroyed or built one conversation at a time. Destroyed by one failed, one missing, one inauthentic conversation at a time. Or built by one successful, one authentic, one fierce conversation at a time. It is a mindset and a skill set that people can learn. Yes, people can learn to be more trustworthy. Organizations can learn how to as well.

Wolverhampton Homes increased their overall trust through training over 700 employees in Fierce Conversations. Their story is inspiring. “Past leadership development programs focused on following procedures—grievance procedures or disciplinary procedures—rather than on the behaviors and emotions causing issues,” said Lesley Roberts, CEO of Wolverhampton Homes. “And, that’s why they failed.” Managers were reacting from a place of frustration rather than a place of respect. The goal was compliance, not understanding.

Do you show up with the goal of understanding each other better with your team? Do they trust you? This week’s tip is to focus on building more trust with your team – one conversation at a time. Be authentic. Be consistently yourself – even when it is hard. Feel like you are an all-star at this? Do your best to take it to another level and share your success with your colleagues.

The result may surprise you…


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