Leadership Tips: Celebrate a Woman in Your Life

Fierce Ideas (purple lightbulb)

International Women’s Day is March 8th. As a women-owned business, Fierce wants to thank all of the women-owned businesses that make an impact in our community – from Seattle to around the globe. I want to shout out to Women in Real Life and PACE Staffing as some of our women-owned business partners who grow their businesses with brilliance and strength.

In the United States, there continues to be a surge of women-owned businesses. According to the 2016 State of Women-Owned Business Report, there are nearly 11.3 million women-owned enterprises (up from 9.1 million in 2014), employing nearly 9 million workers and generating over $1.6 trillion in revenues. Between 2007 and 2016, the number of women-owned firms grew 45%.

So I ask you: Do you have women entrepreneurs in your life? What have you learned from them?

This week’s tip is to celebrate a woman in your life. Find a time to talk with someone who has been critical to your success. If possible, schedule a lunch date. If not, pick up the phone and spend some dedicated time together.

How will you celebrate?