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Leadership Tips: Celebrate National Recommitment Month with Your 2016 Goals

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May is National Recommitment Month, which means we should review the goals we set back in January. Have you ever heard of this concept for May? I hadn’t. However, I love it, because we talk every day about how to make sure employees, leaders, and companies get where they want to go. And in order to do this, they must track trends.

Conversations are the most accessible tool you have, every single day, to assess if you are heading closer to or further from what you want and need to achieve. Conversations with your team. Conversations with your partner. Conversations with your kids. And most importantly, conversations with yourself.

So much in this world is unpredictable, and yet, you always have this way of navigating in your life. I’m sure some things have changed for you since 2016 kicked off. In the first blog I wrote this year, I shared, “(In 2016)… You will have triumphs you didn’t expect, setbacks you didn’t anticipate, and new people enter your life. You may have the same challenges, and you may not. You may have the same job responsibilities, and you may not. When things are out of your control this year, you will choose how you feel about what happens. And, more importantly, you will choose what you do after.”

So I ask: What has happened in 2016 that has surprised you so far? Do you have the same perspective compared to five months ago with what you want to accomplish?

This week’s tip is to look at the goals you made at the beginning of 2016 and reevaluate. Have they changed? What have you accomplished? If you don’t like them anymore, ditch them and create new ones – just do it for the right reasons. Once you evaluate, put a plan in place.

You can achieve what you set out to do…one conversation at a time.


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