Leadership Tips: Confront a Toxic Coworker

two men arguing

It is the gossiper. It is the victim. It is the slacker.

Toxic employees show up in many forms.

Fierce conducted a survey on toxic employees a little over a year ago. Out of 1,000 executives and employees, 30 percent argue with coworkers once a month, and 55 percent feel that a negative supervisor, peer, and employee are all equally detrimental to the morale of an organization.

So what do you do about those troublemakers? Sixty-two percent said they opt to confront toxic coworkers. It is important to have the conversation on the impact of the behavior – not just for the relationship, but also for yourself.

This week’s tip is to confront a toxic coworker. If offering constructive feedback has not made the situation improve, it’s time for a direct conversation.

It is a skill to confront well. One tip: it is important to name the problem and be able to give specific examples. We have other tips and tricks around confrontation.

Join us on April 8th with our SVP Learning and Development, Aimee Windmiller-Wood, to learn more about toxic employees and what to do with them – even if the toxic employee is you.

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