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Leadership Tips: Create Positive Change

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One of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. is, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” In our modern world, this isn’t just about allocating hours to volunteering. This means focusing on the overall, big picture – finding something specific outside of your individual interest.

So I ask: What are you doing for others? For your team? For your overall company? For your family? For strangers?

I recently hosted a vision board party, and many people shared that their goal for 2016 was to focus on giving their time and skills for the benefit of others. One couple mentioned wanting to focus on the homelessness issue in Seattle.

And I know they will. Mainly because they not only identified it as a goal, but they are creating a plan to do it. Oftentimes, developing more of the plan is what is missing from goals and personal resolutions.

Let’s be real. Many goals that we set in January can quickly escape us – gradually then suddenly. Another weekend can pass without making progress. Another conversation about why something didn’t happen the way you wanted.

This week’s tip is to focus and develop your plan to create positive change - in your workplace and community. Choose one thing you want to focus on, big or small.

What are you doing for others? What do you want to do?


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