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Leadership Tips: Create Time for a New Relationship

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Looking ahead at your eventful week, think about the many people you will interact with – on the phone, via email, in your community, and in the office.

When you talk with these people, will you ask engaging questions and really listen for the answers? Or will you simply wait until it is your turn and talk at somebody?

As Susan Scott, Fierce Founder, states, “If you want to become a great leader, gain the capacity to connect with your colleagues and customers at a deep level…or lower your aim.”

Conversely, being unauthentic and fake can be even more obvious.

This week’s tip is to make time to rekindle a fading relationship or create a new one with someone in your life. Schedule the time in your calendar to build this new relationship. Create a habit of it.

Some reliable ways to forge this new relationship:

    • Ask questions and truly listen.
    • Enjoy yourself and laugh.
    • Share coffee, chocolate or some other treat.
    • Send a personal note after and follow-up.

It isn’t that complicated, yet we have trouble finding the time to create new relationships.

How will you practice building a new relationship this week?  


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